Eine Frau gebärt in einem fahrenden Auto, während der Ehemann das aufnimmt und die Kinder schockierend zusehen

Eine 25-jährige fünffache Mutter, Alexis Swinney, gebar ihr siebentes Kind in einem fahrenden Auto auf dem Weg in das Krankenhaus.

Ihr Ehemann, Dominique Swinney, zeichnete den Vorfall auf, während er fuhr. Vor einigen Tagen postete er das Video auf Instagram.

In der Beschreibung schrieb Alexis, dass es etwas „mehr, als Sonderbares“ in dieser Geburt gab, berichtet Daily Mail.

„Ich glaube wirklich, dass Gott mir erlaubte, in dem Auto sicher zu gebären, statt es in dem Krankenhaus zu machen.“, schrieb Alexis.

Während der Geburt, fragte der Ehemann die Frau, ob sie „fünf Minuten nicht warten könnte“, aber er konnte seine Emotionen nicht zurückhalten, als er das Baby sah.

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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” So we took our first family photo yesterday.. It went just as planned, obviously! Our daughter got out of school at 3 Hubby helped bring in groceries at 3:30 We woke the boys up and threw clothes on them at 3:35 Mommy put some makeup on and made it look like she brushed her hair at 3:40 Phone started ringing at 3:45 Together we gathered ourselves and the kids, and sat in front of the makeshift camera set up, and patiently waited for the first of many interviews to begin! (And it went great) then we quickly set the timer for 10 seconds and took this photo. The first complete family photo. Seriously, how perfect is this? And we got 7 people ready in under 45 minutes! I’m counting my blessings just looking at all the things that are so right with this photo.. I’m in love with how imperfect it is.. Life is crazy, and we can’t stop the time from getting away from us.. The only thing we can stop is ourselves. We can stop and snap a photo without a posting it right away We can stop and kiss someone without needing anything else We can stop and thank God... even if we don’t know what we’re thanking him for, because life is not going as planned, we can stop.. we can stop and find something to be thankful for ❤️

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„Gott, sie hat das Baby. Meine Güte, oh mein Gott, wir haben jetzt ein Baby in dem Auto. Oh mein Gott.“, sagte Swinney, als er das Kind sah.

Alexis sagte später, dass es ihr weh tat, aber dass Freude und Zufriedenheit nach der Geburt stärker als der Schmerz waren. Sie fühlte sich besser, als sie erwarten können hätte!

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It’s the home stretch! 38 weeks! We just moved, we just had our baby shower, we just took the car seat out of the box, we have an empty diaper bag, and no baby bed. I have 3 bottles and have yet to order a pump. And for the first time of all my pregnancies, I kind of wish I could stay pregnant for another month, because I feel so ill-equipped. I’m trying to use this time to pray more and trust God that I will go into labor in his perfect timing. And that he will use his amazing people, to be there for myself and my family as we bring home baby #5. My husband works a lot, so that leaves me home alone with 3 toddler boys, the majority of the week. I have been beyond overwhelmed, but everyday I am quickly taken back to peace and gratitude as I see all these ladies surrounding me with so much love and help and kind words. The hard work that other people have selflessly done to help me!? It has been a blessing that I could never repay. I am so thankful that God has used our time of chaos and uncertainty, to remind me that he will provide.

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Alexis glaubt, dass Gott wusste, dass sie ein Kind „ohne Pausen“ geboren wollte. Sie dachte, dass ihr dieser Moment in dem Krankenhaus gestohlen würde.„Keine Ärzte, keine Krankenschwester, keine Lichter, keine beschäftigten Menschen, nichts, was mich in diesem sonderbaren Moment ablenkt.“

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1 peter 4:8 “Most important of all, love each other deeply, because love makes you willing to forgive many sins.” Jesus knows I could write an essay about the past 2 years.. But the moral of the story would be that I am so thankful I married you. I am so thankful for our hardships, and our children and our differences and terrible communication, and every argument we’ve ever had! Yes, I said it! Why? Because it all makes me better, and grateful and challenges me to keep learning how to be selfless and love you with no conditions. I wish it came naturally, but it doesn’t, so I’m so thankful iv spent the past two years learning, and will continue to learn ☺️ Most importantly, since iv been married to you, iv relied on Jesus more then ever before, and that has been amazing! Learning to truly Love you the way a wife is called to love, has been amazing! I’m thankful for the difficulties.. they only make us better. One day we will get it right, but untill then, at least we haven’t given up yet ❤️❤️ Happy anniversary!!

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Viele Menschen sagen, dass sie schockiert sind, dass das Paar bis zu dem Krankenhaus nicht schaffte, aber Alexis bedauert das nicht.

Sie „erlebte etwas Unvergleichbares“. Sie war froh, zuzusehen, wir der Körper die Kontrolle übernimmt und wie das Baby geboren wird.

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Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Baby Girl.. This is number 5 (#6 if you count my surrogate pregnancy). She was a total surprise. Mommy and daddy were trying to focus on our marriage, and not wanting another baby for some years..Funny how that works 😉 While she was a surprise, there was a peace, a confusing peace, but a peace that we knew this baby was meant to be. I had finally began submitting to God’s will for me, earlier in the year, so as scary as it was, I knew this was his plan.Taking us far away from our 5 year plan, but trusting that God must have something way better, that includes another baby. We are blessed in this chaotic mess. Learning to have more patience with each other and the kids, as well as simply learning how to be there for each other, while mommy is staying at home with 4 small kids, and growing another baby! This is for sure not my prettiest season, but I’m doing my best, and learning along the way. ❤️❤️

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Alexis sagte, dass es ihr auch wichtig war, dass ihr Ehemann und ihre Kinder in diesem Moment um sie waren. Das war ausgerechnet das, was sie wollte.

Vor Kurzem veröffentlichte die Familie das gemeinsame Foto auf Instagram und schrieb dazu Folgendes:

"Freut euch, was auch immer geschieht! Lasst euch durch nichts vom Gebet abbringen! Dankt Gott in jeder Lage! Das ist es, was er von euch will und was er euch durch Jesus Christus möglich gemacht hat."

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